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DRiNKLiNK High 5 Launch!

August 5th, 2016

Category: General

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DRiNKLiNK challenges you!


50 people sought to support 50% of the population


In a recent survey of over 200 local people, Aberdeen based charity, DRiNKLiNK made the link that over 50% of those interviewed had been negatively affected by someone else’s drinking: whether it be a friend, work colleague or family member.


The organisation, which achieved charity status over 3 years ago, has set it as their mission to reduce this number, and have launched the High 5 campaign with this in mind.


Marketing Executive, Katherine Denholm tells us more about the campaign: “We are really excited about the High 5 campaign which we plan to launch in August. The 5 Scottish events, fundraisers have the opportunity to sign up to a tandem Skydiving, the London to Paris Cycle, a Ben Nevis trek, 2017 Edinburgh Marathon or our custom 5000-step pedometer challenge.


Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 16.22.25


“Naturally each event and participant will be given a fundraising target, and our team will work closely with them to ensure this is achieved. The campaign will hopefully prove that you don’t need to drink to have fun.


Katherine explains where the money will go to: “There’s three parts to our strategy, the first is that we need to create an information portal, inspired by Drinkaware, that provides information tailored to those affected by someone else’s drinking. This resource will help victims access objective information that will help them understand their situation and inform their decisions.


“As an example, in a recent workplace workshop, employees reported a concern around car sharing with someone who they suspected was over the limit when driving. For this reason, the new website which is currently in development has information about limits and top tips on how to safely approach the matter. With continued support from volunteers, the site will be live in time for the Christmas break.

“We are working closely with the Aberdeen ADP and other organisations in the development of this and as a secondary objective, aim to assist the sector by creating, in its simplest form, a directory of organisation with similar objectives. We hope this will increase collaboration and make sure the referral process is as efficient as possible so that no ones is lost in the cracks.”


The charity has received encouraging support from the community, which has birthed the third stage to the organization. Katherine continues: “We have noted an increase in volunteers who have been affected by someone else’s drinking. They are passionate about the cause and want the opportunity to give back. We have a lot of people approaching us to assist us in realising our vision and we hope the High 5 campaign will make it event easier for people to get involved. We don’t lack ambition. We don’t lack vision. But like most causes, we lack funds and at the end of the day that will dictate the level of impact that we can have.”


Speaking about the motivation behind the charity, Katherine said: “Everyone’s relationship to alcohol is different and informed by your personal experience and understanding of your alcohol culture locally. I was distraught but not surprised to see that over 50% of people surveyed are affected by the condition.”


The illness that claims one in 20 people in Scotland and costs the government £3.6 billion each year, but most people indulge in it, on average, two times every week.


To sign up for the High 5 challenge or to find out more about DRiNKLiNK, please visit

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