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Partner Alliances

Stronger together

Individual links offer little support, however when connected together they create a formidable force which cannot be broken.

From the beginning, DRiNKLiNK has recognised that by supporting local alcohol services we offer a much bigger, better and more wide-reaching offering to our service users.

That is why DRiNKLiNK has been designed with you, local support providers in mind. By 2025, we aim to have official partnerships with 100 support services (alcohol and related services) across Scotland to deliver end-to-end recovery journeys to our customers.

Promotions: We leverage DRiNKLiNK resources to create joint marketing campaigns with local support groups, raising people’s awareness of the issues alcohol creates in the community. Both direct issues, such as mental health and physical illness, to indirect issues, such as domestic abuse, bereavement and FASD stigma, to name a few.
Website: People are navigated through these campaigns and organically search to find the information they need to understand their situation and identify the next step in their recovery at
Signposting: Though our service search function and strategically placed partner adverts, those looking for external assistance to tackle their situation will be signposted to local support services offering self-referral services. We will also explain the process on how to access referred services.
Insights: By anonymously tracking user journeys (pages visited and click through rates) DRiNKLiNK is gaining valuable insight into which services are most used, needed and missing. This insight will be shared with partners for use in funding applications amongst other uses.
Collaboration: By working collectively to keep directories up to date, we not only make sure end-users have access to live services but create service-to-service connection and opportunities for collaboration.

Our offerings:


The DRiNKLINK website focusses around a powerful user journey concept to guide those in need of support while attempting to resonate with individual circumstance.  We want people to know they are not alone.  Could the user journey take them to your service offering? Our website can offer service information and advertising space for your organisation.

Next step: Email and let us know a bit about your service and which page you want your ad to appear on.


From our workshops, we have identified key topics affecting people impacted by someone else’s drinking, for example, mental health, bereavement, domestic abuse. Put forward your topic suggestion and we can work with you to create bespoke campaigns that help to improve lives.


Next step: Visit our Five Year Road Map to see our campaign calendar or email with your unique idea.

DRiNKLiNK aims to spend £100k in running these campaigns between now and 2025. How would access to these funds to transform your charity?

We run quarterly training programmes around the topics of employability, social media, digital marketing, public relations, email campaigns and event management with new topics being added all the time. With most guest coaches, lecturers and trainers delivering these sessions free of charge, we want to maximise its reach and invite your team to participate.

What we need from you:

For this to work content delivered through our campaigns, website and social channels must be three things: current, accurate and relevant.

We know that service users often get lost in the net.

To stop people from being referred to inactive service and facing referral blocks, it’s down to you to maintain your own profile on our service directory: contact details and service/product offering.
Could you work with us to prove the community and each other with a robust directory of up to date information?  Let’s give our user communities a one-stop shop for support resources.  Together, let’s show the people that need help that our local community can provide it.
Join us in building user journeys that the community can identify with so we can signpost people to support best matches their needs.  Help us create a knowledge hub that designed in partnership can be recognised as a recognised ‘go to’ support resource. By helping us to create, verify  ethically share content  a safe way.
DRiNKLiNK is community led. We aim to be the true voice of the community and work with local support organisations to marry their wants with government strategy.   We want to work with our partners to engage the community in workshops.  We see this as beneficial on two fronts. The community sees the combined support available from our partner group but also the community can tell us as a union of partners what they need from us and drive our key objectives.Our partner portal aims to provide a portal for partners to share insight, learnings, benchmark performance, connect and collaborate. We believe peer-to-peer collaboration is a way to open doors to enhanced support and service provision. Weld like to invite you to be part of our ongoing review committee and to actively tell us what functionality this portal should have in order to best support your organisation.

Our partner portal will provide a collaborative space for joint projects and sharing of best practice.  Let’s maximise the potential of our resources by not double dipping on service provision and work on true value add joint initiatives with our combined expertise.


Your Commitment

If your organisation wants to be part of something bigger and brighter with a vison to help our community we want to work with you.  Email to register your interest today.

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