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No alcohol doesn’t mean no fun

April 3rd, 2015

Category: General

Aberdeen based marketing consultancy, White Wolf Collective, set it’s team a challenge to look at life a bit differently this No Alcohol April, as they step away from the booze and take on their fears.

The team of 4 show their support for the third No Alcohol April event, which has been set by Scottish charity DrinkLink to challenge individuals to go a month alcohol free. DRiNKLiNK aims to promote supportive information and services to people affected by alcohol misuse among their family, friends and workplace.

This year White Wolf Collective has decided to give it a go and aim to take this one step further and attack the misconception that a dry month isn’t fun.

Stacey Summers, Director at White Wolf Collective, tells us more on why she encouraged the team to take part in this event: ‘I have been heavily involved in the running of No Alcohol April since the very first event and recognise the hurdles faced when trying to convince people to take part. There seems to be a recurring feeling that giving up alcohol means giving up life – especially for those who work away from home or who have a celebration or milestone coming up. We hope this year that we can prove this isn’t the case by showing you don’t need to drink to have fun.

‘As communication partner to DRiNKLiNK, we stumbled upon the mantra ‘I used to live for the weekends but now I have a life’. This inspired the campaign and made us think about things a little bit differently. Whether you’re staying in for a night in front of the telly with a friend, catching up with workmates after a busy week or simply celebrating a friend’s birthday, consuming alcohol seems to be the obvious choice. We aim to look at the alternatives and having the good fortune of living in Scotland, we don’t have to look far for inspiration for fun activities.

Speaking on the benefits of No Alcohol April in the workplace, Stacey said: ‘Having experienced first hand the benefits of No Alcohol April, I am confident the team will get a lot from this challenge. This is the third year I have taken part in the challenge and each time I get something different from it. Year one, I dropped a dress size. Year two, my energy levels rocketed and I noticed a dramatic increase in productivity at work. This year I hope to use my time differently and try things that I have never experienced before. I am delighted to have the support of the team.

‘As an employer, I am all to aware of the challenges associated with alcohol at team events, yet when it comes to Christmas parties, birthday celebrations and such like it is difficult to get away from it. In fact it seems expected. As a team we are looking forward to spending time together in a different setting. In fact, as we sat coming up with challenges to face, we wondered why we hadn’t taken this approach before. We have a great team and this is a great opportunity for us to show our determination and sense of adventure.’

As well as setting their own team challenges and using the event as an opportunity to tick some activities off their bucket list, the White Wolf Collective team has extended an invite to their social media followers to set them challenges that they will take on throughout the month of April. This event will go far beyond testing the team’s ability to cope with the temptation to reach for the glass and will kick start Thursday the 2nd April.

Stacey continued: ‘The activities that have already been circulating vary from swimming with sharks, to walking over hot coals, to bungee jumping … and a week without make-up. We are open to all potential challenges and it seems that some of our clients and suppliers want to join us in this effort and may even be keen to keep us company along the way!’

If you would like to find out more about No Alcohol April and the challenges faced by the team, please follow us on social media.

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