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The School of Greatness

Genre: Motivational

DRiNKLiNKERS review: “I listen to this at the gym, on my way to work, first thing in the morning. I can’t get enough. This podcast really helps me to stay focused.”


Mamma Mia!

Genre: Comedy, Musical, Romance

DRiNKLiNKERS Review: “It’s almost impossible to feel down after watching this movie. My go to when I need an escape.”


The Last Word

Genre: Comedy, Drama

DRiNKLiNKERS Review: “I loved every second of this. Watching the lead character reflect on her life and how it negatively impacted others was interesting. Seeing how she turned what seemed like a hopeless situation into a meaningful life was inspiring.”


The Panic in Needle Park

Genre: Drama

DRiNKLiNKERS Review: “When people talk about Al Pacino classics, this movie very rarely gets spoken about. With addiction (mainly alcohol) running in my family, I always wonder why people continue to turn to substance misuse. This was such an eye opening watch for me.”

Pick of the month


28 Days

Genre: Comedy, Drama

DRiNKLiNKERS review: “A really insightful look into the journey of an addict.”

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